Proven tech for HHW facilities.
  • Increase Reuse by 25% or More

    Smarter Sorting can help you get your reuse rates as high as 75%. Our technology connects HHWs to approved end markets. We have buyers for latex, oil-based paint, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, household products and even aerosols.

  • Reduce Costs by 10% or More

    Every time you use Smarter Sorting, you save money. Smarter Sorting costs less than traditional haulers. When we can divert materials into reuse, we charge you 10% less than what your waste hauler charges you to handle that material.

  • Automate Reporting

    Tired of tracking your waste streams using Excel? With Smarter Sorting, reporting is automated. Get regularly updated reports that show you how much you collect and the breakdown of your different streams.

  • Instant SDS Lookup

    With Smarter Sorting, you’ll have thousands of Safety Data Sheets at your fingertips. Scan a product and instantly pull up the kind of critical data you can find only in an SDS. Chemical composition, reactivity, DOT regulations, everything you need to properly categorize a product.

  • Simplify Training

    Smarter Sorting makes it easy to train HAZWOPERs. Our scanning technology makes data-fueled bin recommendations, which improves your sorting accuracy. Or use the scanner to create a training program to teach new hires the difference between product types.

How it works

  • 1. Scan

    Scan incoming products using the Single Item Sorter tech (provided free of charge).

  • 2. Sort

    Our system uses proprietary data to help you sort into our reuse bins or disposal bins.

  • 3. Pack

    You can print out a shipping label in 10 seconds. Then seal the box and it’s ready to ship to reuse markets we create based on data.

  • 4. Ship

    We handle all logistics and take producer responsibility. Every shipment includes a Bill of Lading and is compliant with DOT regulations.

Improve key metrics

Reduce the cost and improve the diversion rates of your Household Hazardous Waste facility immediately upon engaging Smarter Sorting. Both key metrics will improve as the Smarter Sorting system grows.

Track your success

Reporting on your facility doesn't need to be a hassle. Our reports are automated and provide key insights to decision-makers at the HHW Management, Division Management and City level. Your cost and diversion metrics improve over time.


    "Smarter Sorting is allowing us to recycle what was previously un-recyclable."

    Dawn Whipple
    Assistant Division Manager

    "This kind of detailed data has never been created in the HHW industry. It's game-changing."

    Jim Quinn
    Hazardous Waste Program Manager

    "Having more information about our incoming waste will allow us to better prepare for program capital expenses, staff training, and disposal costs."

    Hope Petrie
    Hazardous Materials Manager

    "The amount of money we can save by utilizing Smarter Sorting's reuse program could allow me to expand and improve our facility."

    Eric Michaels
    Hazardous Waste Program Coordinator

Download our Smarter Sorting Guide to learn more.

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