Smarter Sorting’s “Why”

There is no place for business that isn’t sustainable in a world with limited resources and 7 billion inhabitants.
Our Belief

Sustainability and efficiency, as much as growth or profit, are the economic mandates of our present and future. Accomplishing this means massive reconfiguration – source materials, the supply chain, design, reuse and recycling – from top to bottom, our priorities and processes must change.

We believe regenerative design will cut waste and increase profits. We believe big data creatively applied will continue to unlock important innovations. We believe that businesses, not just cities, will and must adopt the zero waste mandate.

For this reason, we align ourselves with the goals and principles of the circular economy, joining an army of innovators, entrepreneurs and change agents who are charting our collective path forward.

What We Do Right Now

We’re trying to do our part to advance the circular economy by being the first scalable technology that addresses an overlooked and meaningful problem: Household Hazardous Waste.

U.S. and Canadian retailers, municipalities and recyclers unnecessarily burn around 1 Billion pounds of consumer chemical products a year (eg; paint, cleaners, pesticides). By providing a tech and data driven solution that enables municipal workers and retail staff to have a world’s worth of chemical and regulatory data in the palm of their hands, we give a data blind industry the tools to turn consumer chemical waste into reusable products. To complete the loop, we provide our customers end markets for reuse which lower their processing costs while enabling them to do the right thing.

At scale, we will annually divert 600M pounds of HHW into reuse. In the process, we will significantly decrease the 25M+ tons of CO2 currently created during the consumer chemical product lifecycle by lowering toxic emissions from manufacturing, trucking and incineration.

Our Purpose

We’re a profit driven business, but we find meaning and purpose by embracing the mandate to lead. We work with partners to find inefficiencies, to ingrain an ethic of innovation and to prove over and over again that sustainable, circular business practices are both the right and the most profitable path for companies, communities and countries.

Our Vision

Household hazardous waste is far from the only industry that continues to burn or bury valuable resources due to a combination of inertia, laziness and ignorance. We’re already working on new solutions to overlooked problems, using our unique experience at the nexus of waste, technology and data. Stay tuned.