the only REUSE solution for
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Stop unnecessarily burning your HHW.
Use our patented technology and proprietary data to turn incinerator bound consumer chemical waste into a reusable product.

Achieve your zero waste goals

Increase diversion by 25-100% per waste stream. How? It's simple. We put a world’s worth of chemical and regulatory information in your staff’s hands. Use our tech to scan and sort your products using big data, diverting them from the incinerator.

Lower costs (cheaper than incineration)

Use our automated shipping labels to send your reusable consumer chemical products to Smarter Sorting and pay 10% less than you pay your current hauler/burner. We responsibly move your products into reuse through our approved end markets.

Create Data to inform decision making

Together we’re creating the first database of consumer chemical reuse and waste. Data driven innovation will affect how products are manufactured, governments regulate and consumers interact with chemical products. Whether you’re a mayor or a CEO, our data will help you operate smarter and more efficiently.


    "Smarter Sorting is allowing us to recycle what was previously un-recyclable."

    Dawn Whipple
    Assistant Division Manager

    "This kind of detailed data has never been created in the HHW industry. It's game-changing."

    Jim Quinn
    Hazardous Waste Program Manager

    "Having more information about our incoming waste will allow us to better prepare for program capital expenses, staff training, and disposal costs."

    Hope Petrie
    Hazardous Materials Manager

    "The amount of money we can save by utilizing Smarter Sorting's reuse program could allow me to expand and improve our facility."

    Eric Michaels
    Hazardous Waste Program Coordinator

Our Team

  • Chris Ripley

    Chris is an old school reuse nerd who just happens to have considerable experience in paint & adhesives manufacturing, business and technology.

    Chris has spent the past three years advising policymakers and operators within the HHW world and has been a speaker at multiple North American Hazardous Materials Management Association events. He has been the founder and CEO of multiple startups, creating and growing nine core companies generating $110M+ in revenue.

    Chris has consulted Portland Metro and the City of Austin on how to improve their paint recycling programs. During these engagements he had the “aha moment” that there could be a better way to sort Household Hazardous Waste.

    Chris’ proudest achievement is that he graduated from Williams College.

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  • Charlie Vallely

    With a background in turning data into action, Charlie is obsessively focused on the Smarter Sorting dataset and how it can contribute to a Zero Waste economy.

    Charlie brings an analytical eye to the world of Household Hazardous Waste. Prior to Smarter Sorting, Charlie created, launched and managed an analytics software company and ran a business analytics and online marketing consultancy.

    Charlie’s focus is on building the Smarter Sorting dataset and connecting it to other data sources in order to better understand HHW streams and create more diversion opportunities. He cares more about this data-driven pursuit than even his fantasy baseball team, which is saying a lot.

    Charlie is a graduate of Brown University.

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  • Russ Foltz-Smith

    Senior Data Advisor
    Russ is a Data Guru

  • The Crew

  • Maya Lozada, VP of Project Management
  • Margaret Spear, Chief of Staff
  • Zane Pace, Director of Customer Success
  • Blake Weems, Reuse Manager
  • Gordon Le Feuvre, Vice President of Sales
  • Victoria Hodge, Director of Municipal Sales
  • Jack Price, Director of Sales (Southeast)
  • Scott Mackey, Director of Sustainability
  • Advisors

  • Fred Gabriel, PaintCare
    Marketing and PR strategist and entrepreneur. Founded RecycleMatch, a platform to connect solid waste streams with businesses.
  • Carl Smith, Call2Recycle
    Environmental consultant with deep ties to major players in Canadian waste programs.
  • Rick Findlay
    Founding partner at 415. Manages and advises over $20M in investments. Founded and built a web design firm with $12 Million annual revenue.
  • Grace Stanat
  • Byron Alsberg

Our Partners

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